• 5 Minute Yoga Sequence for Tech Neck

    Do you ever get a stiff back and “tech neck” while sitting at your desk? Try this 5 minute yoga sequence to stretch out, re-energize and increase flexibility! 1) Upward Salute & Chest opener – Hold for 8 breaths     2) Lateral Lunge For opening hips, hamstrings & ankles – Hold for 5 breaths, […]

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    Best 5 Habits For Your Health This Autumn

    Autumn is a time of change & transition from the heat of summer to the cold & darker days of winter. With a little preparation, we can adjust to this change more easily, remain healthier & have plentiful amounts of energy to get us through those shorter, colder days when winter arrives. Here are my […]

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    For Balance & Stability, Look at Da Feet !!

    In our society we have a HUGE amount of shoes, sandals & sports specific attire (skates,cleats, etc), to choose from. They all are suppose to support & protect our feet. But one GLARING issue that we all seem to overlook is the health of “da feet & toes” that we put into our wide variety […]

  • lacrosse training and conditioning

    Teen Sports Performance, Who’s Benefiting?

    Sports performance is a huge field that is continually expanding in information, techniques, nutrition & recovery. If this is the case, than why are we still allowing teens to be trained by inexperienced high school coaches ? As a certified strength coach/specialist, I am asked frequently why some teen athletes perform at a level that seems years […]

  • Healthy Holiday Lifestyle

    12 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Holiday Season

    We all know that this time of year can be very tough on our physical well being. Follow these 12 simple steps for a less stress holiday season. You’ll make better decisions & prevent the dreaded NEW YEAR’s resolution that typically lasts 1-4 weeks. 1. Plan on being outside more on sunny days. This helps […]

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    How to Prevent Injuries in Youth and Teen Volleyball

    As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), I have been noticing a huge increase in non-contact injuries among high school volleyball players. My daughter has been on a club team for 3 years & played 2 years of high school ball, and during each season there has been numerous injuries to ankles, knees & […]

  • sport x-training lake zurich

    Sport X-Training & Between Season Conditioning Programs

    Many young athletes are currently training for one or more sports. In season, off season & between season terms are used alot but for most of us(including coaches & trainers) they can be very confusing. What needs to be emphasized ? Do we do bodyweight or free weight training ? Push harder or taper off […]

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    Personal Training, In Home or Onsite

    Personal & Small Group Training One on one training and small group training are two of the services that I have been providing clients for over 20 years. I absolutely love working with clients of all ages & backgrounds, in these two settings, because it allows me to be very creative, specific and to communicate […]

  • sports cross training, conditioning and recovery

    Sports X-Training, Recovery & Preconditioning For a Successful Season

    Today’s athletes push themselves harder, get less rest and sometimes do not have a complete knowledge on how to x-train themselves effectively during their off-season. These factors add up to nagging injuries, diminished performance, frustration & longer term health issues. Student athletes also have the added stress of classes, keeping up good grades & even […]

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    How Yoga Can Change Your Life

    Vinyasa flow, which is a very energetic form of yoga that is very popular among yoga studios Anusara yoga, which is gaining much popularity across the country. Vinyasa Flow is a derivative of Ashtanga yoga & Anusara has its roots in Iyengar yoga. Both styles reflect attention to proper breathing, alignment & transitioning from one […]

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    Gary Gray Functional Training

    The Gary Gray Functional Training Institute was founded by Gary Gray P.T., MS & Dr .David Tiberio P.T., M.S. Both of these therapists have been involved in the rehabilitation & athletic training field for over 40 years, working with a wide range of patients & clients. After working in the field for a short time […]