5 Ways To Build Strong Knees and Remove Winter’s Sludge

The health of our knees are largely dependent on 3 factors;

  • The strength & ability of our ankle & hip joints to properly support the knee joints.
  • Developing strength and balance in the muscles that cross the knee joint, including; calves, all 4 Quads, shin extenders, and especially hamstrings and glutes which are part of the hip joints.
  • Well developed toe muscles & arches of soles
  • The following techniques will help strengthen your knees and prepare you for an active spring and summer.

    Strengthen your hamstrings & calves;

    Multi-directional lunges – 3 sets of 10 reps for each leg
    Bridges/ hamstring curls using a Physio/exercise ball, 2 sets of 12 reps
    Yoga Bridge Pose; pressing upper arms down; middle back benefit.
    yoga bridge pose

    Use a foam roller to remove trigger points in the quads & IT Band

    This will prevent tight quads from pulling the knee cap out of its normal tracking movement.
    yoga roller to stretch quads

    Strengthen the ankle joints for increased stability

    Use a Bosu, balance pod, or Dyna Disks devices to do balance squats for each leg. 2 sets of 8-10 reps for each leg.
    balance ball exercise

    Spreading and pressing toes into a yoga mat

    This is called splaying foot. When you ground the feet properly, you will notice you can hold balance poses more easily. You will feel stable and in control of your situation. Perform 2 sets of 12 reps, both feet, rest 1:00 & repeat. Use of ” Yoga Toes or Toe Spreaders” is a great benefit. Start w/10 min.
    spread toes for more stability

    Perform a cross-friction massage

    Cross-friction massage promotes optimal collagen healing by increasing circulation and decreasing collagen cross-linking in your quadriceps tendon. Perform for 1 minute once a week.
    cross friction massage on knee


    Time To Relax!

    After your workout and stretch, take an Epsom salt bath 2-3X’s a month so all the muscles and joints are able to absorb more of the vital mineral, Magnesium, which helps support joints and muscles. Use 1 full cup of salts in warm water. Soak for 40 minutes.

    Performing these 5 simple techniques regularly will keep balance and integrity in your ankles, hips, as well as your knee joints. And, make your knees feel great for years to come.

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