Coffee s Incredible Anti aging Effect ( No Carmel Macchiatos !!)

Coffee has been a topic of research for many years & will continue to be. But one area that MOST people are not aware of is the powerful benefit it gives us for the “aging diseases, such as Dementia, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, liver, colon, stomach cancers.

Everyone knows coffee is grown from a plant and most think of the caffeine benefits it gives us. But it’s MOST powerful anti aging effect is from the Chlorogenic Acid, ( CGA). In addition to CGA, the complexity of coffee also offers benefits from; polyphenols, phytoestrogens & diterpenes, all specific to the coffee bean, which are recently being researched much more. They all seem to have a POSITIVE EFFECT on blood sugar levels, carbohydrate metabolism & prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. CGA & the rest of these compounds help regulate lipid (fat) levels, which in turn are used for energy more instead of mainly using blood & liver sugars(glycogens).

This is all great news coming from multiple countries researching coffee, however, researchers are ONLY testing BLACK coffee, not lattes, mochas & Frappucinos. Gobs of sugar, syrups and milk, diminish the powerful effects CGA has for the human body by around 24%. Dairy products & sweeteners, diminish the absorption rate of these important antioxidants. So It does not mean you can’t have a bit of agave syrup, honey or splash of sweetened almond milk, just DONT over do these add ins to receive the greatest benefits from coffee.

These benefits were based on consumption of 2-4 cups of coffee per day and the use of organically grown coffee in most of researcher’s trials. So brew yourself a pot and enjoy the aromatic smell, as well as the internal anti aging wonders of COFFEE ☕️☕️

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