• sports cross training, conditioning and recovery

    Sports X-Training, Recovery & Preconditioning For a Successful Season

    Today’s athletes push themselves harder, get less rest and sometimes do not have a complete knowledge on how to x-train themselves effectively during their off-season. These factors add up to nagging injuries, diminished performance, frustration & longer term health issues. Student athletes also have the added stress of classes, keeping up good grades & even […]

  • yoga for feet balance and stability

    How Yoga Can Change Your Life

    Vinyasa flow, which is a very energetic form of yoga that is very popular among yoga studios Anusara yoga, which is gaining much popularity across the country. Vinyasa Flow is a derivative of Ashtanga yoga & Anusara has its roots in Iyengar yoga. Both styles reflect attention to proper breathing, alignment & transitioning from one […]

  • Personal Trainer Lake Zurich Vernon Hills and Barrington

    Gary Gray Functional Training

    The Gary Gray Functional Training Institute was founded by Gary Gray P.T., MS & Dr .David Tiberio P.T., M.S. Both of these therapists have been involved in the rehabilitation & athletic training field for over 40 years, working with a wide range of patients & clients. After working in the field for a short time […]