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  • yoga for feet balance and stability
    Your health is unique to you! Your lifestyle, strength, flexibility, endurance, as well as aches, pains and injuries are all you and only you. That’s why you need a fitness program that’s all you and only you! Online, in your home* or at the gym**, you choose the best way, for you.

    My hybrid fitness and physical recovery programs are personally developed based on over 30 years of training and experience.

    Depending on your needs, goals and aspirations I use a variety of techniques so the program is continuously progressing at your pace, enabling you to reach your goals and have some fun along the way!

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    I work with a wide range of clients with many different fitness goals, injuries, and limitations. Let me work up a fitness plan for you so you can live a stronger, pain free life. Fill out the response form below. I will contact you shortly to discuss your goals and schedule your fitness evaluation.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    ~ Rich Kepski, Instructor and Fitness Coach

  • yoga for feet balance and stability

Learn more about Rich

I absolutely love working with people, whether in person or over a Zoom training session. The direct interaction is a blessing and one aspect of being a fitness Professional and yoga instructor I actually never considered I would enjoy so much, back when I was in college.

I was studying Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After a year I discovered that it didn’t appeal to me as much as I had thought it would. I felt I needed to be in a field, working with people, helping them directly. After taking a mandatory Anatomy Cadaver class and dissecting bodies, I realized this intrigued me. Seeing, feeling & working with the organs, muscles, tissues lit a NEW PASSION in me. Having taken 4 years of Latin in High School, really connected the dots to my understanding of the anatomical terminology.

So, I enrolled in the College of Healthcare and Kinesiology at University of Illinois at Chicago. This was a bit of a jump because now I was working with live people, hands on. I started working with athletes, prepping them prior to practices, scrimmages and games. I then moved on to rehabbing injuries , educating them on recovery and providing nutritional advise as well. Listening to athletes, dealing with their problems and mapping a course became my passion.

In my second year in the program, I felt very much “in my element” working with and helping students athletes achieve their goals.

During my college years I became a Fitness Floor supervisor at the Multi Plex Gym in Northbrook, IL. This position allowed me to work with the general public. I enjoyed it so very much, that it lead me to a Personal Trainer’s position at the East Bank Club in Chicago.

While finishing my last year at U of I, I committed myself to addressing the critical needs of athletes who truly wanted to improve their performance. I felt I could provide the most value to them as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. This was not a highly recognized position back then. With the help of my mentor, Carol Humble, Head Trainer, we successfully convinced the Athletic Director to create this position. I was hired as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, under Ms. Humble s direction. I filled this position for a couple of years, but I needed a position that gave me the ultimate decision making process for my clients/ athletes. This is when I decided to become a Independent Fitness Trainer/ Instructor & Coach.

Expanding my knowledge every year has given me experience in many different areas; Gary Gray Functional Training, Martial Arts, Myofascial Tissue work, and the Yoga field. This is where I thrive, helping others overcome injuries, age-related issues, and personal obstacles that, to them, seem insurmountable. Being such a force for change in people’s lives is a goal I NEVER HAD when starting my college career. But this is what drives me now and is truly my passion for life.

I look forward to talking with you about your goals, challenges and dreams of a better you.

Doug's Fitness Success Story

Doug, came to me in the spring of 2019 with lower spine & hip issues. His career as a Firefighter/ paramedic, coupled with his “ overtraining “ in football and weightlifting brought on chronic changes in his body during his 30’s. After being diagnosed by several doctors and given scripts for Physical Therapy, he had minimal relief from his back, foot & hip pain. Frustrated with this first round, he sought out other therapy clinics then faithfully performed the rehab plan they proposed. After several months with minimal progress, he gave up! It was time to take alternate measures. Doug felt like he was NEVER going to rid himself of his pain, stiffness and dysfunction.

Determined, Doug did some research on his own. He learned that therapeutic yoga was a possibility, as well as functional, body weight training with a deep breathing emphasis. He inquired at Sky Fitness (where I am a trainer) then did a quick Google search to find me. He contacted me and we went to work after our initial consultation.

The first couple of sessions we focused on improving his pelvic & foot mobility. His pain levels declined by 40%! He could not believe HOW much relief he achieved after several sessions and following the homework exercises I had him doing on his own. Starting with 3-5 yoga poses and ankle/core rehab exercises, I guided him down a course that made him feel like a successful return to his pre injured life WAS possible AND attainable.

We then worked on his breathing patterns. This area is very much overlooked in your typical physical therapy programs and is a VITAL component to full recovery. As Doug relearned how to breath, he stabilized with deep core muscle growth, and his pain decreased another 25%. He improved the faulty walking mechanics he adopted because of his issues. That made him stronger, resilient and his pain decreased another 25%. Now Doug has regained confidence in his ability to recover COMPLETELY!

This wonderful success story is still evolving as I write. I am grateful he contacted me and I could assist him on his journey, knowing that he will enjoy his life with his 2 young children & wife so much better for many years to come.

I would love to talk to you if you’re having recurring pain, stiffness or muscle dysfunctions. Or if you’re tired of the pain killers, muscle relaxers and other “helpers” to get through the day. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Let me show you. It’s free to reach out and start a conversation to learn more.

Chris's Fitness Success Story

Chris came to me as a referral from a long time colleague who wasn’t able to help Chris. You see, Chris has a “laundry list” full of musco skeletal problems, Rheumatoid arthritis, poor diet, pain med addiction and a very short fuse to top it off. I asked myself, do I want a challenge like this? My “inner caring character” told me; “I can help this man, but only if he wants to be helped”. Working with Chris, I learned quickly, there are people who are in pain and want to heal, and there are those who use the pain as a “badge” giving them an identity. These people really don’t want to heal, because they fear their identity will be lost. Chris was one of those. In addition to the issues mentioned already, Chris had a herniated L4 disk, very inflexible hips and hamstrings and a chronic head forward, occupational posture from being a Cellist, which gave him nerve issues in his fingers and hands.

First things first, I wanted him off of all heavy pain meds and anti-depressants. So we began the transition to natural, gentler pain meds. This took almost 10 months, but it went better than we both expected.

As we worked on this, we also needed to address his unconventional sleep schedule and dependency on simple sugar carbs that he used to fuel his energy. The simple carbs were making his arthritis symptoms flare up regularly. Chris needed extensive education on the difference between fibrous carbs VS simple, junk carbs. He did fine changing some of his meals, but this still turned out to be a LONG learning process. Slow progress, but as he felt better over the months, his frequent headaches decreased, energy and strength improved, and he was able to build lean muscle.
Stress management was NEXT on the list. Calming a person who is in pain, sleep deprived and living on unhealthy sources of fuel is a huge challenge. Also working with ADD issues certainly complicated things. Simple instructions for yoga poses, exercises were sometimes clear and well executed. Other times, brain fog and lack of rest caused sessions to break down after a few exercises or basic yoga poses. That’s when we used modified Tai chi to get his mind clear and increase spatial awareness. With this type of ” YO- YO ” training, progress would reset then slowly return.
As I conclude this success story, Chris is rehabbing from Thumb replacement surgery & preparing for another one in the coming months. The surgeon who I referred him to, Dr. Mo, is part of an extensive network of Orthopedic doctors, massage therapists and functional Ped-orthists ( foot specialists) who I use to help clients, students & friends. She is amazed with Chris’ progress. Chris has become one of the most fulfilling success stories of my career!!

I would love to talk to you if you’re having recurring pain, stiffness or muscle dysfunctions. Or if you’re tired of the pain killers, muscle relaxers and other “helpers” to get through the day. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Let me show you. It’s free to reach out and start a conversation to learn more.

Client Testimonials

Rich Kepski is one of the most thorough, well prepared, advanced personal trainers I have ever worked with!I had a severe lower back injury in 1992 and have trained with some of the best trainers from East Bank Club, Sharper Fitness, ETC (Energy Training Center) and Sky Fitness. Out of all seven Master Trainers I have work with, Richard Kepski has totally eliminated my morning lower back pain issues. I will continue to take Yoga and weight training with Mr. Kepski. Thank you Rich!
~Chris K.

I have been working with Richard Kepski for almost 3 years. I was referred to him from my close friend, who has been with Rich for 10 years now. Rich was able to identify the main areas of muscle tightness & weakness and he tailored strength, interval training & yoga programs for me. Within weeks, my back issue improved, I improved my posture, and was able to function at a higher level. I HIGHLY recommend his services, he has made a HUGE difference in my life.
~Dr. Richard Levy

I have been enjoying the benefits and inspiration of Rich’s yoga instruction for more than five years. From the beginning, his knowledge, dedication and passion for yoga have truly inspired my own practice. Even in a class setting, his individualized attention and instruction maximizes the benefit for each participant. He is always incorporating new ideas into his teaching from exercise to encouraging healthy living habits. Rich is a very motivating instructor and passionate human being!
~Mary G

Rich provides the utmost in care in crafting individualized programs for athletes at all levels. From assisting my husband with a sore back to rehabbing my daughter after a long volleyball season, Rich listens intently, drafts thoughtful plans, and empowers individuals to reach their goals. Most importantly, he arms his athlete clients with information to prevent injuries in the future. There is no end to his creativity, kindness, and commitment. I strongly recommend Rich.
~Jennifer F.

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