Seasonal Affect Disorder and How To Combat It

combat holiday stress
With the sudden Arctic change, snow & shorter days ALL HITTING us in a short time period, this combo can have HUGE impact on how our bodies & minds spirits feel. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a ” Yin ” time of the year where we are SUPPOSED TO SLOW DOWN, conserve energy, get extra rest, and prepare for the festivity of the Holidays. We get too stressed out with scheduling more activities, parties, shopping traveling, end of year project completions, etc. This higher demand of energy is CONTRADICTIVE, to what our bodies, minds need.

So here’s how to combat this issue;
-GET TO BED 30 minutes earlier and prep for it by drinking warm tea, magnesium supplement & valerian root in the teas to help get deeper sleep
– Restrict caffeine to 2:30 in afternoon.
– Easier, moderate intensity exercise like Tai Chi, walking, Gentler, Restorative Yoga, Low Intensity Weight training & longer deeper hip stretches.
-Diet should include more Yangish ( gentle spice) foods, like soups, stews, simmered root veggies, Chili, variety of warmed, nuts, nut butters in apples, pears, bananas
– Spices to utilize; Ginger, black pepper, cloves, Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Allspice, & Garlic. All add anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal benefits for immune system and lungs.
– Cut down on Alcohol and drink more water during parties (yeah I said it)
– Take a multi vitamin 2Xs day or a B complex vitamin in PM WITH YOUR DINNER.
– Irrigate those nostrils 3-4 X’s day.
– Utilize sun lamps, Saunas & hot baths, to soothe stress & give mind the release from darker, shorter days.
– Get OUTSIDE on milder days, for brisk walks, or use your Cross country skis, snowmobiles & ice skates. Don’t OVERDO it, just breathe deeply & enjoy being outside.

Use these things to brighten your attitude & energy during this tougher time of the year & realize HOW MUCH HEALTHIER YOU CAN BE.