Rich Kepski is one of the most thorough, well prepared, advanced personal trainers I have ever worked with!I had a severe lower back injury in 1992 and have trained with some of the best trainers from East Bank Club, Sharper Fitness, ETC (Energy Training Center) and Sky Fitness. Out of all seven Master Trainers I have work with, Richard Kepski has totally eliminated my morning lower back pain issues. I will continue to take Yoga and weight training with Mr. Kepski. Thank you Rich!
Chris K.

I have been enjoying the benefits and inspiration of Rich’s yoga instruction for more than five years. From the beginning, his knowledge, dedication and passion for yoga have truly inspired my own practice. Even in a class setting, his individualized attention and instruction maximizes the benefit for each participant. He is always incorporating new ideas into his teaching from exercise to encouraging healthy living habits. Rich is a very motivating instructor and passionate human being!
Mary G

You know when Anita asked me to join her for the yoga sessions, I was very doubtful that I would enjoy it. However, I have found that I love it. And, I love the way you teach. So, thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

I have been working with Richard Kepski for almost 3 years. When I was referred to him from my close friend, who has been with Rich for 10 years now, I was having issues with my lower back related to spinal disk pain. Rich was able to identify the main areas of muscle tightness & weakness and he tailored strength, interval training & yoga programs for me. Within weeks, my back issue improved, I improved my posture, and was able to function at a higher level.

I also LOVE the fact that Rich incorporates yoga poses into every session. This helps REMOVE the stresses of each day. He is able to skillfully adjust the session for what ever I NEED most on that particular day. Being a OBGYN, I get pretty beat up from performing surgery several times a week. He his able to challenge me without overwhelming or discouraging me. I have worked with 4 other trainers in the past, & NONE of them have come close to his level of expertise. On top of that, he is genuinely caring & positive, fun person to be around.

I HIGHLY recommend his services, he has made a HUGE difference in my life.

Dr. Richard Levy.

I belonged to a high end fitness club and worked a great deal outside,so I never needed a fitness trainer – until I met Rich. Every week he comes with new routines to keep me interested, yoga for flexibility and strength training to keep me young. I am sixty-eight going on forty, for I feel that is how far Rich has brought me back.
Joe H.

Rich is not just a great personal athletic and strength trainer but a talented rehab specialist as well. He has worked with all the members of my family – children and adults – and provided us with safe and effective athletic training. Rich evaluates each person individually and helps with rehab of minor aches and pains as well as more serious injuries. Rich cured my chronic low back pain after 3 physical therapists failed. Not only am I without pain but I am also much stronger, have better posture, and have much more stamina. After 12 years, I have never had a recurrence of my back pain. Rich has adjusted our training programs over the years to account for natural body changes and to keep us strong in the face of hectic work and home schedules.
Dr. Laurie H.

I have been a client of Rich’s since 1993, and he has seen me through many changes in my body and mindset.We started with a focus on strength and weight control, went on to rehabbing many sports injuries (running, etc) ,physical therapy after hip replacement, to an accent on balance, flexibility and strength training for my body requirements today. Rich has the ability and expertise to stage a fitness regimen to fit the person and personality. Changes in my routines change constantly and have helped keep me on track.
Dolores B.

Rich Kepski provides the utmost in care in crafting individualized programs for athletes at all levels. From assisting my husband with a sore back to rehabbing my daughter after a long volleyball season, Rich listens intently, drafts thoughtful plans, and empowers individuals to reach their goals. Most importantly, he arms his athlete clients with information to prevent injuries in the future. There is no end to his creativity, kindness, and commitment. I strongly recommend Rich.
Jennifer F.

Mr. Kepski helped me to heal a strained back and weak ankle from volleyball. He helped me to understand how my body works and what the exercises were accomplishing so I did them better and more regularly. I became more conscience of how my body was performing and what I could do to help myself. I always feel better after a session with Mr. Kepski than I did when I started. I am looking forward to working with him again this off season.
Francesca F.

Having worked with Rich for several years, I am more flexible, less prone to back and knee issues, more aware of my body and, though I am not thinner (my fault), I now know how to get myself back to “healthy” when things go wrong. Staying healthy is a LOT more fun because Rich is in my life: he is creative, innovative and I love to see what he will pick up in my house to use in our workouts. I do not want to imagine my condition had I not found him.
Anita H.