Fitness & “COMPLETE WELLNESS” for the Constant, Changing Demands of Your Life

Our society lives under INCREDIBLE amounts of daily stress. Commuting, work schedules, environmental pollutants, electronic devices, & improper body mechanics/postures conspire to wreak havoc with our mental & physical health. These issues NEED to be recognized & addressed with corrective exercises, nutrition & management techniques THROUGHOUT EACH DAY, & NOT ONLY while exercising at the gym. INNOVATIVE FITNESS teaches COMPLETE WELLNESS for each individual by including these specific areas of need;

1. Daily stress management
2. Injury prevention/rehabilitation
3. Modification of program & nutrition from season to season

I will provide you with a more COMPLETE solution than other fitness professionals. I pride myself in continuously learning new techniques and therapies to help combat today’s changing health concerns. By utilizing these important, ADDITIONAL components, I will teach and empower you to bring about a continuous health plan that will carry over for years & decades to come.
  • group and corporate yoga

  • sports conditioning training and recovery

  • personal training, nutrition and pain management


    I’m a personal trainer and lifestyle coach with over 30 years of experience and education. I started as a personal trainer with a sports fitness training background. My undergrad is in athletic training/kinesiology.

    I have evolved throughout my career and diversified my focus to diet/nutrition, followed by martial arts, Tai Chi, Qigong, Anusara yoga, meditation and Gary Gray Functional training.

    This path that I have chosen has expanded my knowledge base and has exposed me to new philosophies and techniques on health and wellness for clients of all ages and backgrounds. The most important aspect of a wellness program is that it is individualized for their needs, varied periodically and tested in some way, so that we know that we are achieving our goals.

    I work with a wide range of clients with many different fitness goals, injuries, and limitations. As a result of my comprehensive approach I personalize and continuously vary their programs so that we always progress, reach our goals and have some fun along the way.

  • Rich Kepski Personal Trainer Innovative Fitness

    Rich Kepski, B.S.

    – National Strength & Conditioning Association
    – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    Gary Grey Institute Functional Training Specialist
    – Anusara Yoga Instructor
    – Gangi Martial Arts Ranking

My philosophy is simple “individualized wellness programs and education for your lifetime.”


    I welcome the opportunity to discuss your health and exercise objectives.
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  • yoga for feet balance and stability