Nutritional Neurotransmitter (brain) Boosters

In an effort to make a subtle change for the beginning of the year, which can pay HUGE dividends for our LONG term health, I wanted to focus some time for all of you, on your mental (brain & nervous systems) health. Our muscles & bones most people know very well, BUT what about your brain?

So with that in mind, here are the top foods we can all incorporate this year & every year, to reach this goal of better, long term mental health;

Foods that reduce anxiety & improve awareness/focus;

Dark leafy greens
Salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel
Olive oil & coconut oils
Sauerkraut, fermented organic pickles

Pumpkin seeds
Organic Eggs
Dark chocolate, cacao

All these foods have 3 nutrients that are key to mental sharpness, diminishing anxiety/stress and preventing the mental “fogginess” that we get when we DON T eat well or rely on “junk”,simple carbs to fuel us for the day.

These vital nutrients are ; Omega 3 fatty acids, Magnesium & B complex, Vitamins A C & E. They are constantly being used by our bodies & especially under more stressful conditions.

Magnesium is critical in all digestive body functions & and absorption. 300-=420 mg/daily is the target to plan for. Omega 3 fatty acids are the bodies “lubricant”. Our eyes, skin & BRAINs depend on Omegas for their optimal function & prevention of deterioration. All of the antioxidants fight the forming of free radicals which cause oxidation (destruction) of all of our cells. As we get older, we become less resilient & usually our diets GO DOWN THE TUBES because we become unaware or just careless !!!

Give it a try & I will be sharing some recipes with these super nutrient foods in the next few weeks.

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