Health and Happiness

  • Nutritional Neurotransmitter (brain) Boosters

    In an effort to make a subtle change for the beginning of the year which can pay HUGE dividends for LONG term health, I wanted to focus some time for all of you, on your mental (brain’s nervous systems) health. Muscles & bones most people know very well, BUT what about your brain? So with […]

  • combat holiday stress

    Seasonal Affect Disorder and How To Combat It

    With the sudden Arctic change, snow & shorter days ALL HITTING us in a short time period, this combo can have HUGE impact on how our bodies & minds spirits feel. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a ” Yin ” time of the year where we are SUPPOSED TO SLOW DOWN, conserve energy, get […]

  • Yoga for heart health

    Yoga for a Lifetime of Heart Health

    Yoga has been identified as a very beneficial form of exercise, stress reduction & general fitness for many years. Now more recently, scientists with Harvard Medical school have been studying & identifying Yoga s benefits for heart health. According to researcher Dr. Sat B. Singh Khalsa, Professor of Medicine, a regular yoga practice of 3-5 […]

  • prepare for your daily battle

    How To Prepare For The Daily Battle

    Have you ever heard the saying “Live through today to prepare for tomorrow’s battle” or similar euphemism? Basically we all need to use this phrase as a mantra to create peace and grounding for ourselves when the unexpected things in life “hit us”. And, you know that happens more often then not. It is TOO […]

  • Healthy Snacks

    6 Healthy Snacks To Fight The Winter Blues

    During this cold, snowy winter our energy needs differ from summertime. We all require proper nutrition, to keep ourselves fueled with good energy, balancing proteins, healthy plant fats & carbs to manage our sugar levels, & keep our immune, digestive systems running at their peak. Snacks that don’t contain junk fats or sugars, have quality […]

  • The Above Average 50 year old Man

    Hello gents, Well it s February, and many of the New Years resolutions have come & gone. So NOW is the time to look at where we all are, what we should accomplish/focus on & strive towards in relation to our age adjusted peers in the coming few months. I just dug up this interesting […]

  • Why Meal Replacements Bring Out Your Best

    Most of us have minimal time to prepare nutritious, quality meals that give us sustained energy throughout the day. So with this in mind, we can all rely on a couple of nutrient dense, meal replacement shakes, daily to provide us ; 1. a good portion of clean protein (15-20 grms) 2. essential vitamins & […]

  • 5 Minute Yoga Sequence for Tech Neck

    Do you ever get a stiff back and “tech neck” while sitting at your desk? Try this 5 minute yoga sequence to stretch out, re-energize and increase flexibility! 1) Upward Salute & Chest opener – Hold for 8 breaths     2) Lateral Lunge For opening hips, hamstrings & ankles – Hold for 5 breaths, […]