Why Meal Replacements Bring Out Your Best

Most of us have minimal time to prepare nutritious, quality meals that give us sustained energy throughout the day. So with this in mind, we can all rely on a couple of nutrient dense, meal replacement shakes, daily to provide us ;

1. a good portion of clean protein (15-20 grms)
2. essential vitamins & minerals lacking in fast foods
3. healthy plant based fats 3-8 grams)
4. sustained energy to get us thru or busy day

This only takes 5 minutes to prepare & you will LOVE experimenting with many varieties of fruits, nut butters, veggies & quality powders, which will always create a variety of new favorites!!

Besides the convenience, meal replacement shakes also,

  • Help stabilize our fasting blood sugar levels & LDL cholesterol
  • Create a feeling of satiety, which aids in weight loss & continued bodyweight maintenance
  • Help improve lean muscle mass in conjunction w/workouts
  • Are very cost effective vs. buying healthy meals/ snacks
  • Are more easily digested than solid foods

A few guidelines you should follow when choosing the best meal replacement powder. Make sure the product you choose contains;

  • 15-20gm. of proteins like whey, egg & plant based.
  • Less than 10 grms of any kind of sugars, NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP
  • At least 3 grms of fiber
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • And at least contain 25% of daily vitamins/minerals.

Do some research & find 2-3 types, then buy the single packets, as a trial so you don’t commit your self to a big container & regret it. Once you have a couple of favs, make it be a ritual honoring your daily nutrition & energy level. This is a great step to improving other areas of your weekly meal selection & will give you more motivation to prepare healthier evening dinners.

Here are a few of my favorites. I only posted one flavor but some brands have multiple flavors. Read My Full Reviews

Orgain Organic Protein

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Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

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Vega Sports Performance

This also contains Amino Acid glutamine, tart cherries & probiotics for stomach health. This is the most pricey of the bunch.
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Vitamin Shoppe, PLNT Meal Replacement

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