6 Meal Replacements Shakes Reviewed

Last week we talked about meal replacements. This week we’ll dive in a little deeper as I review my 4 favorite meal replacement shakes and 2 honorable mentions that are worth trying as well.

Orgain Organic Protein

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At 150 cals/serving this one is the LOWEST in total calories but still packs 21 grams protein & 4 grams of healthy plant fats. This product tastes GREAT, is not chalky, mixes well with Ice/water & can be combined with a variety of frozen fruits. The vanilla flavor does not stand out, but compliments other ingredients. Zero bloating or gasieness. Very reasonably priced also ?

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Vega Sports Performance

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Vega has got a GOOD IDEA here, recovery after workouts/activity. So that’s why it contains the MOST protein at 30 grams,( derived from pea, sunflower, & pumpkin seeds) only 3 grams of fat, but 10 grams of carbs. I applaud Vega for adding probiotics( stomach function), tart cherries to fight inflammation & L-Glutamine for immune system support. Great Idea ! Chocolate taste is a bit ” heavy” for me, but overall a solid product. ?
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Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

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This product comes in at 190 cals/serving , 20 grams of protein & 7 gm fat. It has the highest caloric content, LARGEST scoop (43 g) per serving. I usually don’t buy this flavor, more limited with what you can combine, but bananas & mangos work well !! No chalkiness, but I was surprised with the mellowness of the chocolate,.. Not intense like many other powders. Zero bloat.
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Vitamin Shoppe, PLNT Meal Replacement

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This is Vitamin Shoppe s version of Garden of Life Raw Meal GOL,( Honorable mention award) With 17 grams of protein & 5 grams of fiber this will satisfy your hunger pangs well. Taste is great & mixes well, even using a shaker bottle. This product copied its nutrition content from GOL, & now uses same facility to package it, but they brought the cost WAAY down. This product is normally 35% cheaper for a 1 -1/2 lb container. Very affordable & great alternative.

Honorable Mentions

garden of life meal replacement review

Garden of Life Raw Meal

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This is the product that has stood the test of time. GOL has improved the ingredients over the years,( added rice protein) ,115 cals/serving, 20 grams protein, 7 grams of fiber, but it also includes probiotics, digestive enzymes to prevent gas/ bloating. Zero grams of sugars, tastes great( not sweet), I personally LOVE this product, but like the Vega, very pricey.
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Designer Organic Meal Replacement

Designer Organic 30

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This is Designer Whey s version of a dairy / Whey free product. These last 2 products are the ONLY ones with certified Organic ingredients. This is becoming more appealing to greater segment of people picky about their nutrition. Designer also adds in digestive enzymes, & the anti inflammatories tumeric, ginger & green tea for better recovery from training sessions. Price is reasonable, but product is not promoted or stocked very well. Taste is OK.
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