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Yoga for a Lifetime of Heart Health

Yoga has been identified as a very beneficial form of exercise, an effective stress reducer & great compliment for general health as we move on

How To Prepare For The Daily Battle

Have you ever heard the saying “Live through today to prepare for tomorrow’s battle” or similar euphemism? Basically we all need to use this phrase

6 Healthy Snacks To Fight The Winter Blues

During this cold, snowy winter our energy needs differ from summertime. We all require proper nutrition, to keep ourselves fueled with good energy, balancing proteins,

The Above Average 50 year old Man

Hello gentlemen, Well it s another year and many of the New Year’s resolutions have come & gone. So NOW is the time to look

6 Meal Replacements Shakes Reviewed

Last week we talked about meal replacements. This week we’ll dive in a little deeper as I review my 4 favorite meal replacement shakes and

Autumn Yoga Sequence

Opening [one_third] Seated on block in Janu Sirsasana, (Head to Knee Pose) Variation #1 Left leg Strait, right bent, side bend 1st towards bent leg