The Above Average 50 year old Man

Hello gentlemen,

Well it s another year and many of the New Year’s resolutions have come & gone. So NOW is the time to look at where we all are, what we should accomplish/focus on & strive towards in relation to our age adjusted peers in the coming few months.

I just dug up this interesting info regarding fitness after the age of 50. This is from a ABC News article, where they interviewed 12 prominent Physicians who deal with aging and mid life issues.

According to the article, males in their 50’s are considered above average health when they:

  • Have a resting Heart rate of under 62 BPM
  • Body Fat % of UNDER 22 %
  • Body Mass index (BMI) of under 27
  • HDL cholesterol ABOVE 75mg/DL & Triglycerides under 100mg/DL Moderate cardio lowers Triglycerides & Raises HDL (40min, 5 Xs/week)
  • Recover from a high intensity, sub maximal heart rate exercise lasting about 2 1/2 minutes, to a resting heart rate of UNDER 110 bpm, in less than 5 minutes
  • Can perform 15 or more push-ups in under 45 seconds, 8 or more body weight pull-ups, squat 1.5 Xs their weight for 12 reps
  • Thread a needle on the first 3 attempts is a sign of excellent visual acuity & depth perception
  • Experiencing 2-4 quality Ejaculations /week. Doctors state a tablespoon of semen is what we were able to do in our 20 s, & should still be able to perform if our prostate is healthy. (Dr. William Catalona, a Prostate cancer specialist @ Washington Univ./ St. Louis)

Mental/Psychological aspects

  • Answer “YES” to these 2 questions; Do you look forward to going to work and do you look forward to going home in afternoon?
  • Have at least 2 close male friends who are NOT Coworkers, neighbors, sports teammates and have know them for more than 2 years.
  • Enjoy 2-3 hobbies/interests that are NOT career/work related, which work the other side of our brains (left side analytical, right side creative, musical, artsy)
  • Be confronted with an unexpected stressful event & be able to take 5-10 deep breaths, problem solve & NOT get into “fight or flight mode” for the next several hours.

So according to the researchers who complied these data, if we(men) currently posses 8 or more of these aspects we are doing excellent. If we posses less than 5 of these, well that s where our focus should lie in setting some goals for 2023 & the future.

Lets all set some REAL HEALTH GOALS & live to 99 !!!

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