12 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Holiday Season

Healthy Holiday LifestyleWe all know that this time of year can be very tough on our physical well being. Follow these 12 simple steps for a less stress holiday season. You’ll make better decisions & prevent the dreaded NEW YEAR’s resolution that typically lasts 1-4 weeks.

1. Plan on being outside more on sunny days. This helps our bones absorb more vitamin D to keep them healthy. This will also help clear your mind & improve your mood.

2. Drink more water & Grean Tea. Cold weather dehydrates us. Tea is full of anti-oxidants & helps strengthen your immune systems.

3. Get more sleep or take a nap. The shorter days & colder weather makes your body tired & we tend to rely on stimulants like coffee, soda and energy drinks to help get us by. A short nap has been shown to improve mental function & elevate our mood.

4. Exercise regularly,BUT LESS intensely. This will keep our immune systems stronger to fight off colds or flu & will keep our metabolism running at a higher rate.

5. Smile & Laugh more. Studies show that they both relieve stress & bring about a positive change in our emotions towards ourselves & others.

6. Try to buy less impulse gifts and instead, be creative & make some gifts that are more personal. More people are baking, writing & using crafts to personalize their gifts which saves money & also allows us to give a piece of ourselves within the gift.

7. Practice yoga for 15 minutes everyday. Pick 3-5 poses & allow yourself to breathe deeply for 8-10 breaths. This will help improve circulation decrease stress & increase energy levels.

8. Eat more veggies & less sugary carbs, This will help with weight maintenance. Choose the fall harvest ones. Squash, Corn, Kale any dark green or bright red & yellow varieties. They are full of nutrients that are essential for our well being.

9. Use a sinus rinse or take a hot shower or sit in a steam room. The increased moisture helps our sinuses drain, cleansing them, which could prevent a cold or sinus infection.

10. Once a day try to take 5-10 deep, belly breaths. This will help bring down anxiety, clear your head & help you re-focus on the important tasks at hand.

11. Call or email a friend or family member that you have neglected to communicate with for awhile. Reconnecting with people is ALWAYS a positive, reaffirming ritual that brings out the good in us.

12. Sing &/or dance with your kids to a favorite Christmas song or go caroling. The increase in breathing & heart rate are as beneficial as a cardio-vascular session. Plus its fun and allows you to be a kid again.

Try to pick & practice 2-3 of these each day & you will feel healthier, have more energy, & NOT put on excess weight during this HOLIDAY SEASON. Then when January 1st rolls around, you will be ahead of the game going into the New Year.

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