Gary Gray Functional Training

Gary Gray Fitness Training Barrington, Lake Zurich, Arlington Heights, Buffalo GroveThe Gary Gray Functional Training Institute was founded by Gary Gray P.T., MS & Dr .David Tiberio P.T., M.S. Both of these therapists have been involved in the rehabilitation & athletic training field for over 40 years, working with a wide range of patients & clients.

After working in the field for a short time however, Mr Gray realized that the protocols that were being used to rehab certain injuries were NOT very effective because of re-injury & return of many of his patients. The treatment called for “isolating” the area of injury & treating it in that manner.

As a result of this high rate of failure, he began to study the body differently then what schools were teaching students at the time in the physical therapy programs. He approached the body as a single unit, that was a “kinetic chain”of all the muscle groups, fascia, bones & joints and they worked in unison to produce motion in three planes of movement.

He began to evaluate patients from this 3-dimentional perspective, and was able to identify the “weakest links or structures” & build a program around the areas of greatest need.  He used specific movement patterns, stretching sequences(many very yoga-based) and a variety of different exercises to bring about complete resolution of the injury. I have adopted this technique into my evaluations, & design program design.  Through attending numerous workshops & hands on lectures, & practicums I have achieved a new, very different way to work with athletes & every day people, to enable them to recover completely and reach a new level of function & health

This training system incorporates the use of many different types of equipment. Some standard ones like dumbbells, resistance tubing & bands, medicine balls, body weight & TRX training and then the un conventional ones like tires, sand bags,sports gear, slide boards, his own invention the “True Stretch” Station and countless more. I have learned to use this vast assortment of equipment and his 40+ years of experience to help all of my clients with a broad range of issues.

Another aspect of this system is to include as much learning, fun & care as possible.We want to have the athletes, & clients be independent & learn how to continuously progress themselves and thus we have made them smarter, more complete athletes & clients.  This last aspect is what separates us from the average personal trainer/physical therapist, because we care about their future.  As a resut of my training with Gary Gray, I have helped many athletes & clients from their 20’s into their 80″s, become more functional, pain-free & complete individuals. Feel free to contact me for more information on how you can benefit from Gary Gray training.

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