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One on one training and small group training are two of the services that I have been providing clients for over 20 years. I absolutely love working with clients of all ages & backgrounds, in these two settings, because it allows me to be very creative, specific and to communicate with the client as a educator as well as in trainer. After, I conduct an initial evaluation and need analysis, I design your program around these assessed needs and your realistic goals.

During the training process, I continually adjust the program to keep the exercises fresh, challenging and progressive, in order to achieve the desired goals.

Create an Environment of Change

Many trainers do not create an environment of change & challenge because they either lack the knowledge or are just content with what they have designed and use this same routine for weeks or months, resulting in a very stale & boring training routine. Also, when I design a program I take into account the age of the person, their physical characteristics (ie; tall, short, muscular etc.) & their postural tendencies. This way I avoid causing problems with inappropriate exercises & movement patterns. Once the program is running, I continually strive to give my clients all of the expertise that I have acquired & continue to gain through my commitment to continuing education and all of the wonderful resources that I have at my disposal. As a result of my approach, I successfully retain a great number of happy, long term clients.*

In the small group training program I continue with the same philosophy, however with the addition of 1-4 other clients, it creates a very diverse training environment which has some additional benefits. Once everyone’s needs are assessed I can design the workouts to be varied, fun & challenging, while changing the emphasis on each session. This type of training is usually more motivating for some people, because of the support of their training partners . As a result, the session becomes a social engagement as well as a workout. Another benefit of small group training is that it is very cost effective, and will allow the participants to train together for a longer period of time than if they were having to do one on one sessions.

Whether you choose one on one or the small group training setting, I promise you will achieve your goals, have more fun and acquire a lifetime of valuable information to help keep you healthy, injury free & at the top of your game.

Personal Training Sessions

60 minute, one on one sessions – Online, In-home or In-gym


5 – Individual PT Sessions



12 – Individual PT Sessions


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