How Yoga Can Change Your Life

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Vinyasa flow, which is a very energetic form of yoga that is very popular among yoga studios

Anusara yoga, which is gaining much popularity across the country.

Vinyasa Flow is a derivative of Ashtanga yoga & Anusara has its roots in Iyengar yoga. Both styles reflect attention to proper breathing, alignment & transitioning from one pose to the next, which makes both forms creative, dynamic & open to a broad range of students.

Instead of holding poses for longer sequences, we move into & out of poses a little sooner & focus on building agility, muscular stamina,and a connection between all of the nerves,muscles & joints, while integrating some mental & emotional aspects into the practice to help relieve stress, improve concentration, & change our outlook on our daily lives.

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There a a huge variety of poses in each style, so there is opportunity to grow & progress continually, & because of it’s variety, Anusara, has the potential to help heal a broad range of injuries & prevent their re-occurrence. Each yoga practice is designed specifically to the needs of the students. Through the use of themes,music playlists, props & positive affirmation, students improve with confidence, have fun, & feel renewed & rejuvenated. All the student needs is an open mind, an open heart and the willingness to allow yoga to become a part of their weekly routine.

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Yoga has the power to transform your life for the better. Allow me to help!!

Private In Home Yoga


  • 1hr Private, In-home Session

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Online Yoga

1-3 People per session, FaceTime, Hangouts or Zoom

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Online Group Yoga


Small Group Sessions, Price per person, Join using Zoom

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