Sport X-Training & Between Season Conditioning Programs

sport x-training lake zurichMany young athletes are currently training for one or more sports. In season, off season & between season terms are used alot but for most of us(including coaches & trainers) they can be very confusing. What needs to be emphasized ? Do we do bodyweight or free weight training ? Push harder or taper off & maintain what we have achieved. Confusing,? you bet!! That is why I have come up with programs for athletes that will help them recover, train & condition with different methods and movement patterns, which will enhance their upcoming season.

Off-Season Training and In Season Training

Let me clear up a couple of these terms. Basically, in an “off-season or between season” program, we want to emphasize a few different aspects of conditioning, such as speed work, agility, ankle & core stability, as well as power or jumping mechanics. I feel this is also the optimal time to learn new techniques, clean up improper mechanics that could lead to injuries, talk about nutrition and address any other issues that are “left over” from the season and also have some fun. There is NO overlap of what was being focused on in the “In-season” program.

Also, we have to take into account the length of time for the between season program. It should NOT be excessively long, because there should IDEALLY be a week or two of just rest & recreation. A rested & renewed athlete is a focused & more productive athlete. Many times we think that pushing harder all the time will get us further, but we have to remember that “the love of the game” has to be there so that they excel at their sport not look at it as a drudgery.

I welcome the opportunity to help you xtrain. Please call or contact me for a free assessment.

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