Best 5 Habits For Your Health This Autumn

walking for health yoga session
Autumn is a time of change & transition from the heat of summer to the cold & darker days of winter. With a little preparation, we can adjust to this change more easily, remain healthier & have plentiful amounts of energy to get us through those shorter, colder days when winter arrives. Here are my FANTASTIC FIVE Tips;

Make it a priority to get 30 minutes EXTRA sleep 5 out of 7 days. This is important as the days get shorter & our energy dwindles around mid afternoon. Make this change PRIOR to the switching of Daylight saving time & continue to after. It will make it easier to adapt to the drearier, darker days of winter.

Shop & plan for heartier meals, that you can make larger portions of (soups, stews, chili; veggie & regular) so that you have meals which  satisfy your carb cravings. This way you will have leftovers for 1-2 more dinners, and will be taking stress off of planning & cooking meals more often.

Use spices & herbs that BOOST our immune systems, BEFORE the cold & flu season starts & be better prepared when it hits everyone.

Here are my top 4 spices/herbs to utilize this Fall & some of their other great benefits;
1) Cinnamon; stabilizes blood sugar levels, is a  powerful ant-inflammatory, relieves pain in muscles, joints & connective tissues.
2) Cloves, have strong antiseptic properties for infections, colds, aids with digestive issues & HAS THE HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT LEVEL of all the spices & herbs!!
3) Rosemary; helps improve mental concentration & combats mood swings & depression. Effective against respiratory issues/ allergies & infections. It fights toxins from forming cancer cells in our stomach & colon.
4) Thyme; very similar to Rosemary, but also effective at treating Bronchitis, chest congestion, sore throats. It also calms the nervous system and aids with problems with insomnia.

Stay hydrated by drinking a greater variety of Teas, especially herbal, green, Oolong, & White teas. Besides being lower in caffeine, these teas are packed with anti-oxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, & are great for relieving, sore throats, coughs, and nasal congestion, brought on by allergies & colds. Fall generally is a drier time of the year, even though temperatures are moderate. So stay hydrated in a healthier way & “form a beneficial new habit!

Go for a walk in the woods; Aka,”Forest Bathing”. Yea that’s correct, IMMERSE yourself in the splendor of the changing season & let your senses have an “exploration” of HOW Autumn is a transition from the hectic summer, to the more “grounded & mellow” time of the harvest. Also, you will be doing your heart & nervous system a huge benefit, as studies in Japan have shown, a 30-40 minute walk/jog decreases stress, (the “fight or flight response”) & lowers blood pressure by as much as 35%!!

So plan to make these easy modifications to your daily routine now and let the Autumn properly prepare you for the full attack and change that comes with winters arrival  !!!


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