Teen Sports Performance, Who’s Benefiting?

youth sports trainer and conditioning

Sports performance is a huge field that is continually expanding in information, techniques, nutrition & recovery. If this is the case, than why are we still allowing teens to be trained by inexperienced high school coaches ?

As a certified strength coach/specialist, I am asked frequently why some teen athletes perform at a level that seems years ahead of their teammates/peers and why are certain athletes always injured ?  The answer to this question is are they working with “qualified conditioning coaches” who care.

These athletes deserve the best in speed, agility, coordination, strength & power, so that they may develop athleticism properly, consistently and without the threat of serious injury.  Three tips that I always give parents to help their teen athletes is :

1) Train & rest on a specific schedule

2) Training sessions should be structured & supervised

3) Is there any focus on nutrition & recovery techniques ?

If any of these 3 components are missing or are inconsistently being addressed, then I advise the parents to have their teens come to work with me.  I believe that this foundation is what will greatly improve a teen’s athletic career.

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