Sports X-Training, Recovery & Preconditioning For a Successful Season

sports cross training, conditioning and recoveryToday’s athletes push themselves harder, get less rest and sometimes do not have a complete knowledge on how to x-train themselves effectively during their off-season. These factors add up to nagging injuries, diminished performance, frustration & longer term health issues. Student athletes also have the added stress of classes, keeping up good grades & even less rest when they have to do an “all-nighter”. I have addressed all of these concerns with this program which will help all types of athletes recognize & understand how to heal, manage their daily schedules and prepare themselves for their next competitive season.

Full Evaluation and Needs Analysis

The program starts with a full evaluation, which then allows me to formulate a needs analysis. From this needs analysis, a specific program is designed that incorporates a variety of strength training & movement patterns, integrated flexibility, nutrition strategies, rehab (if necessary), & stress coping techniques. The pillars of this program address the athlete’s issues of greatest need, which are usually overlooked, and avoided, until there is an injury or bigger problem. Through this individualized, small group training program,( 3- 12 athletes max) athletes acquire important knowledge, which in turn self-motivates them, allows them to have some fun & keeps them at the top of their game.

Rich Kepski provides the utmost in care in crafting individualized programs for athletes at all levels. From assisting my husband with a sore back to rehabbing my daughter after a long volleyball season, Rich listens intently, drafts thoughtful plans, and empowers individuals to reach their goals. Most importantly, he arms his athlete clients with information to prevent injuries in the future. There is no end to his creativity, kindness, and commitment. I strongly recommend Rich.
Jennifer F.

Sports Training Program, Chicago Northwest Suburbs

The program runs for 4, 6, or 8 weeks, depending on the athlete’s schedule & will meet 2-3 X’s per week. Each session is 70 minutes long, with the last 10 minutes devoted to discussion on nutrition, recovery strategies and stress reduction. Once the program is in process, the athlete can use components of the program for pre-competition warm-up , post-competition recovery or as a specific work out that will challenge them & keep them injury free. Teaching athletes how to take care of themselves has always been a passion of mine & with a variety of tools & techniques I will empower them to be more confident in their chosen sport.

I believe through this approach of education, proper needs analysis and with an open dyadic communication, our athletes will excel in their sport, for they will be, smarter more complete & healthier athletes for the rest of their competitive careers.

Mr. Kepski helped me to heal a strained back and weak ankle from volleyball. He helped me to understand how my body works and what the exercises were accomplishing so I did them better and more regularly. I became more conscience of how my body was performing and what I could do to help myself. I always feel better after a session with Mr. Kepski than I did when I started. I am looking forward to working with him again this off season.
Francesca F.

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